Tangerini's UPick Opportunities

In order of availability

Strawberries: June - closed
Blueberries: July - closed
Sunflowers: July-August - closed
Wild Flowers: Late July-September - closed
Tomatoes: Late August-September - closed
Apples: Late August-September - closed
Pumpkins: September-October

Tangerini's Farm


Pick-you-own activities are over for the 2021 season. Thank you for a great year!

Pumpkin picking and hayrides are now over for the season. 

Apple picking is now CLOSED for the season.

Please check here as well as our Facebook & Instagram for picking updates. Depending on picking conditions fields may close earlier than anticipated on certain days. 

UPick FAQs

Do children need to pay to enter the field?
Depending on what you are picking, children 3 years old and over are counted in admission. 

How much is apple picking?

We have two different sizes for apple picking, 1 peck bag and a 1/2 bushel bag. The peck bag is approximately 10-12lbs and the 1/2 bushel bag is approximately 20-24lbs. The peck bag is $32.00 and the 1/2 bushel is $45.00. A peck bag admits 2 people into the orchard and a 1/2 bushel bag admits 4 people into the orchard. Children 3 and over are counted in the admission. 

Do I need to make a reservation? What about wearing a mask?
Due to the lifting of State and Town COVID-19 restrictions, we no longer need to require reservations for You-Pick activities. Please check our website before heading to the farm to make sure the field is currently open. Masks are no longer required during outdoor activities. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, then by all means, please feel free to wear one. We are still asking everyone to wash hands prior to entering the fields, at the hand wash stations located next to the field. We're also asking that people please refrain from eating in the fields in order to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

What if it rains?
UPick is still light-rain or shine! In the occasion of very inclement weather, Tangerini's Farm will close the field. If it has recently rained we strongly suggest wearing boots or shoes that you don't mind getting wet/muddy. If you're planning to come when there is a light rain, pack your rain jacket and boots!

Can I take photos in the UPick fields?
Absolutely! Feel free to share them with us on social media!