Tangerini's UPick Opportunities

In order of availability
Strawberries: June
Blueberries: July
Sunflowers: July-August
Tomatoes: August-September
Apples: August-September
Wild Flowers: June-September
Pumpkins: September-October

Tangerini's Farm


Our first UPick of the season will be strawberries in June! Check back soon for exact dates and reservation information. 

UPick FAQs
Do children need to pay/be on the reservation? 
Yes, anyone 3 years old and older going into the field must be accounted for on your reservation. We have to regulate how many people are in the fields at a time to comply with Millis Board of Health regulations. 
What if I don't show up for my reservation?
Due to the high demand for reservations and limited capacity, no-shows are non-refundable. Customer cancellations/rescheduling will result in a $5 convenience fee up until 1 hour before your reservation. Customer cancellations under 1 hour before your reservation are non refundable.
What if it rains?
UPick is still light-rain or shine! In the occasion of very inclement weather, Tangerini's will notify reservations of field closures. Only if Tangerini's cancels your reservation, you will be offered a refund or the opportunity to reschedule if possible. If Tangerini's did not cancel your reservation and there is a light rain, pack your rain jacket and boots!
Can I take photos in the UPick fields?
Absolutely! Just keep that mask on at all times, even during your photos. Feel free to share them with us on social media!