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CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a creative economic model started by Japanese mothers who were concerned about rising food imports and the loss of arable land. A CSA is a partnership between a farm and a community of supporters (shareholders) which fosters a relationship that is mutually beneficial in the production and consumption of food.

This economic model continues to encourage local, environmentally sustainable food production practices that are mutually beneficial to farmers and shareholders alike. While the principle of sharing risks and rewards between farmers and shareholders links all CSAs, each CSA will have its own unique way of operating.


Why CSA?

Whether you are a vegetable connoisseur, or looking to expand your veggie palate there is a CSA share for everyone. Signing up for a CSA locks in your price of a season's worth top-quality, fresh, sustainably grown vegetables. By purchasing a share, CSA members get about a 15% discount on what the retail value of our vegetables would be, and secure a season's worth of healthy eating.

Your purchase of the CSA share allows us to purchase the seed, fertilizer, soil amendments, pay our staff, and much more during the winter and spring seasons when we wouldn't otherwise have any income. We ask you to please consider signing up for your CSA as soon as you are able. 

When you sign up, please remember that if you are sharing for a friend or signing up for someone else, please add their email address into the note section at check out and we will make sure they get on the newsletter list.


What We Offer

2024 Spring CSA



2024 Main Season CSA


Available in Half and Full sizes, with Fruit and Pantry CSA add ons. 

2024 Flower CSA


2024 Winter CSA



2025 Deep Winter CSA


NEW! Available in small and large sizes.


NEW! 2025 Winter Greens CSA


CSA Shares

CSA Sign-Ups open January 1st, 2024
Starting January 1, 2024, you may sign up for:

2024 Spring Share
2024 Main Season Full Share

2024 Main Season Half Share

2024 Main Season Every-Other-Week (EOW) Share
2024 Flower Share
2024 Winter Share

2025 Deep Winter Share

NEW! 2025 Winter Greens Share


CSA Add-Ons Available with Main Season Share

- Fruit CSA

- Pantry CSA

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