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Our Story

We owe the preservation of the 60+ acres here at Tangerini’s to the late Louis DeAngelis. Having farmed the land himself, he wanted to ensure that the property remained active farmland. In the 1980’s, Mr. DeAngelis was committed to protecting the future of his land and did so by signing an Agricultural Preservation Restriction and guaranteeing that his beloved property would continue to grow food for the surrounding community.

During that time, Laura & Charlie Tangerini won the bid with the Massachusetts Land Conservation Trust making them the new owners of the property and creating what is now Tangerini’s Farm. The Tangerini family spent 25 years cultivating and working the land and in 2015, Linda and Steve Chiarizio began working at the farm; Linda creating delectable new additions to the menu at the farm and Steve tirelessly caring for the crops. 

In April of 2019, Linda and Steve Chiarizio proudly took over ownership of Tangerini’s and are committed to preserving Mr. DeAngelis’ land and the sense of community at Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm.


Steve Chiarizio

It’s no wonder Steve felt drawn to farming at an early age growing up in a town full of farms in Hollis, NH. He began his career cultivating the land at Lull Farm in Hollis in 1997 when he had just entered high school. There, on over 200 acres, he learned how to grow, maintain and harvest a large variety of vegetable and fruit crops. After graduation, Steve went on to earn his degree in Criminal Justice at Franklin Pierce University. 

After college, Steve spent many years working at Lull Farm until he accepted a position at Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon, MA in 2010 as their farm manager. During his time there, his passion and knowledge for farming only grew and he learned more about IPM, sustainable and organic growing practices. And icing on the cake (pun intended) is that Steve met his future wife Linda working at Ward’s. 

In 2015 shortly after their son Logan was born, both Steve and Linda’s desire to pursue a life in agriculture only grew and they decided to join the ranks at Tangerini’s. In April of 2019, their vision of owning their own farm became a reality when they took over ownership of Tangerini’s and have committed to providing the community with fresh food.


Linda Chiarizio

Linda has been surrounded by food since the beginning. Spending time in the garden with her Dad, in the kitchen cooking with her Mom or visiting the surrounding farms in her hometown of Lunenburg, MA, food seems to be her destiny. 

Although her heart was pulled towards cooking, she decided instead to pursue a degree in Psychology. When faced with the decision of whether or not to go for her Master’s Degree, she opted instead to follow her dream and get her culinary certificate from The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. In 2010, she accepted a job as a chef for the Red Sox, creating locally sourced, gourmet meals for the owners of the team and their guests. In her time away from her duties as chef, she worked part-time at Ward’s Berry Farm where she met her future husband Steve and also got a lot of the fruits and vegetables she prepared at Fenway Park. 

In the years that followed, Linda joined the folks at Langwater Farm in Easton, MA full time as a manager and there she expanded her knowledge of organic farming. 

Linda continues to follow her passion, proudly preparing food grown here at Tangerini’s that she now owns with her husband Steve and loves watching their son Logan grow up here at the farm.

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