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Professional Shoots

We are currently NOT booking professional photoshoots due to the ongoing pandemic.


If you are looking to have a professional photoshoot at the farm this year, it will still be possible, however, the Millis Board of Health currently has strict regulations we must enforce:

  • "After Hours"- Tangerini's will open up the current UPick flower field from 5pm-6pm to accommodate professional photo shoots. These photo shoots still must be by online reservation only. Only one professional shoot will happen per night so no other visitors will be in the field with your shoot, making it an exclusive session.

  • Photographers must keep mask on at all times

    • The individual/group being photographed may remove masks IF and ONLY IF the entire group is from the same household, AND remains at least 6 feet away from the photographer.​

  • Maximum Group Size: 5 (five) participants + 1 (one) photographer.

    • Limited to 1 group per reservation 

  • $50 per reservation

  • All participating in the shoot will be required to sign a waiver that they are following all of the Board of Health guidelines for the Sunflower field.

    • Please understand that failure to follow these guidelines or being untruthful while signing the waiver puts Tangerini's at risk to shutting down UPick activities completely. We are doing our best to operate as best we can through these tough times. 

  • Tangerini's does not arrange photographers; sessions must be arranged by the customer and/or photographer. 

  • In the event of inclement weather, sessions may be rescheduled at no cost, but not refunded.


Since we are required to staff all customer-designated areas, we cannot allow photo sessions outside of the UPick areas. 

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