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Field Crew Manager

About the Role

Tangerini’s Farm grows over 70 acres of fruits and vegetables following organic farming practices. Our mission is to strengthen our local food chain by growing quality fruits and vegetables for our community. Our field crew consists of 10-12 driven, hardworking members who enjoy a good day’s work. The Field Crew Manager will participate in daily meetings* with the Head Farmer and Production Manager and is responsible for directing the Field Crew in daily production tasks. The Crew Manager will lead the Field Crew and Supervisors on daily activities with a positive attitude. The Field Crew Manager will work alongside the Field Crew and Supervisors, modeling efficient practices for high quality crop production. The Field Crew Manager will have a positive attitude and conduct themselves in a professional manner, customer service is a must.

Management Responsibilities Include:

  • Training the Field Crew and Supervisors and leading by example on quality standards, efficiencies, and overall performance

  • Leading jobs with the field crew and supervisors such as harvest, washing and packing, transplanting, hoeing, hand weeding, greenhouse work, cleaning, caterpillar tunnels assembly, irrigation, and other tasks as needed

  • Strong organization and communication skills with the Head Farmer, Production Manager, Crew Members and Supervisors

  • Monitoring harvest quality

  • Setting the pace for job efficiencies

  • Ability to provide constructive feedback to Crew Members and Supervisors

  • Monitoring field conditions

  • Record keeping such as harvest logs, production, seeding and transplant dates, chemical use if applicable, and noncompliant behavior

  • Ensuring food safety standards are understood and followed by all Crew Members and Supervisors

Other Daily/Weekly Tasks Include:

  • Cold storage cleaning and organizing

  • Produce inventory management

  • CSA set up

  • Monitoring greenhouses and field conditions

  • Irrigating and fertilizing greenhouses

  • Pest monitoring

  • Tractor Operation

  • Helping out where needed

  • Hay Rides

Schedule and Benefits:

  • Compensation $18-$21/hour based on experience

  • During busy season, Monday-Saturday, 6:30am-4:00pm with 30 minute lunch, less days/hours pending on season and activities

  • Paid time/half over 60 hours/week

  • 25% Employee discount on all products we sell

  • Free vegetables when in good supply and picked on your own time

  • 2 week paid vacation

  • 5 paid sick days

End of season bonus (will vary depending upon year and work ethic)

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